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Oregon Relay is a free service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled. This service allows text-telephone (TTY) users to communicate with standard telephone users through specially trained relay operators.


Calls can be made anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no restrictions on the number, length, or type of calls. All calls are strictly confidential and no records of any conversations are maintained.


Anyone who wishes to use Oregon Relay simply dials the toll-free relay number to connect with a relay operator. The relay operator will dial the requested number and relay the conversation between the two callers.


A neat feature about Oregon Relay is 711. It is an easy number to remember for dialing relay services.


Oregon Relay service, provided by Oregon telephone companies through a contract with Sprint, is used to assist communications between people who use text telephones (TTYs) and people who use voice telephones. Specially trained operators facilitate communications between the two callers. Each call is handled in strict confidence.



If you have problems with 711 when calling through your switchboard (which usually is a PBX telephone system), you will need to contact your PBX administrator to have the system reconfigured in order to allow 711 out dial. Information on how to set up and/or reconfigure your PBX systems(s) can be obtained from your PBX administrator and/or vendor.


If you are not on a PBX telephone system, and you cannot access Oregon Relay when dialing 711, call a customer service representative at your local telephone company. It is possible that your local telephone company may not have 711 out dial set up. PBX telephone systems are usually available at hotels, businesses, agencies, offices, etc. with extension numbers. And most often, a way around this issue is to dial the full 11-digit toll-free number.


WHAT IS 711?

711 is a telephone relay number that connects standard (voice) telelphone users with deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind and/or speech-disabled people who use text telephones (TTYs). Relay users can now simply dial 711 to connect with Oregon Relay. This allows easier access, particularly for less experienced relay users such as businesses or friends and family of TTY users.


711 is NOT an emergency number and should not be confused with 911. However, if you use a TTY and cannot obtain emergency services on 911, you may call 711 and tell the Relay Operator you have an emergency situation. The Relay Operator will then voice your emergency to the Oregon State Police.


All states now have 711. There is a toll-free number for using 711 service.




Business Opportunities 

Relay services increase business opportunities by greatly enhancing accessibility to a largely untapped consumer market, thus increasing potential business revenues and collectable state tax dollars.


Increased Employability 

Relay services increase the employability of disabled persons. Previously, many deaf individuals could not get certain jobs because they could not use the telephone. Relay services increase employment and promotional opportunities for both unemployed and currently employed individuals. By increasing these employment opportunities, relay services can help reduce welfare costs and increase the tax base.


Enhanced Quality of Life 

Relay services improve the quality of life for all citizens with a hearing loss or speech impairment by:

  • Ensuring ongoing telephone access for everyone;

  • Increasing freedom and independence;

  • Increasing privacy of communication;

  • Increasing performance and productivity;

  • Improving self image; and

  • Improving safety and security.


Real-life Examples of How Relay Services Help the Relay Users Who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech-Disabled.


Relay Service Increases Freedom...

  • Keeping in touch with family, children and friends.

  • Calling about an advertisement or job ad in the newspaper.

  • Ordering a prescription refill at the drugstore or a pizza.

  • Setting up appointments with professional service providers.

  • Calling legislators to encourage support for pending legislation.


Relay Service Increases Privacy...

  • Calling the doctor's office for test results.

  • Calling the IRS with questions about tax returns.

  • Calling a lawyer to discuss confidential legal matter.


Relay Service Increases Independence...

  • Eliminates relying on friends, co-workers or family to make telephone calls.

  • Students can call teachers or other students to go over homework.

  • Consumers can make credit card purchases from catalogs, stores, etc.


Relay Service Increases the Desire to Succeed...

  • A technician calls the office to check on parts availability.

  • A contractor calls clients before going to the job site, avoiding wasted trips.

  • Professionals can confer with clients and other professionals.


Relay Service is for Hearing People, too...

  • A teacher needs to advise the deaf or hard-of-hearing parents of their child's performance.

  • Hearing family, business associates and friends are able to keep in contact, without buying a TTY.

  • Individuals can be guaranteed ongoing telecommunication access in the event hearing or speech loss.


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